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An accountability group for people passionate about language and culture. 

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    Articles, templates, printables, opinion pieces and more. Join us as we deepen the discourse around language and culture through the written word.



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    Language Coaching

    Work with trained polyglots who know what it takes to learn a language help you secure progress in your target language. We give speaking lessons &  and most importantly: lessons on how to study when we're not around

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    We have created a unique feed, focused on not only good quality products but products that support small businesses focused on deepening the representation of humanity, culture, and language. 

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    Why do you study?

    We take the talk even further and deepen the discourse on language and culture with enthusiasts from around the world.


In the age of globalisation,

travel, language learning and polyglotism are extremely popular.

The exchange of culture across borders is becoming increasingly normalised and people are no longer phased by encountering culture outside of its predefined context. Every day, we step closer to a global culture, one where entertainment and innovation are shared.


Unfortunately, the narrative surrounding the use of culture and linguistics is still confined to a highly stereotypical space. National monuments, the history of war, using native pick up lines at the local pub- these are the kinds of journalism being produced around the theme of culture and language. Nuanced stories, opinion pieces and cultural grey areas are seldom brought to light.


Gladly Global seeks to build a community of conscious, global thinkers through the power of the written word, cultural empathy and mutual support of powerful innovations. 




    You need more than just a native speaker! Study with trained experts that understand both what it's like to be a student and what is necessary to teach students of all ages! 

    What makes a bad language class? It's often the fact that teachers fail to adapt to their students' needs and fail to guide them on how to learn languages rather than just throwing information at them. Don't settle for the same old problems. Get a tutor that can teach you more than the information; get one who can teach you a language. 

    Languages Available (currently): 








    ((COMING SOON)) 

    This is a live 5-session training completed with several polyglot experts over the course of 2 months. We teach you what it takes to balance learning multiple languages, recreating success and how to figure out what your language strategy may need and when. This is a unique kind of tutorial that focuses on the methods of language learning, and the time spent outside of class. 

    If you take this course, you will learn the following: 

    Session 1: Demystifying Language Learning

    Session 2: Language Skills Audit

    Session 3: S.M.A.R.T Goals & Revision Skills

    Session 4: Scheduling & Accountability

    Session 5: Testing Your Skills


    Do you have trouble keeping yourself accountable to your language goals or schedules? Have you been learning the same language(s) for years and are unhappy with your results? 

    Pair up with a polyglot expert to keep track of your studies, build schedules together, and figure out what you need to supplement your abilities. Your language coach will provide you with everything you need to keep on track to accomplish your goals. 

    This service generally includes a monthly call where you will re-assess your progress and consistent communication with your coach throughout the month to ensure you are staying on target (or to ask questions!)


    Contact us to utilise our amazing team and network of polyglots to do translations for your business or project. 

    Our translators are committed to not only translate concepts but translate feeling and nuance in a way that only those who have a passion for language can. Many of our team members are also writers, and take great pride in the power of words. 

    Languages Available (currently): 










For inquiries or special orders: 

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