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Welcome to the Gladly Global Community Space!

A safe, supportive, and empowering home for the online language community. 

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We are building a community...

where we take language learning slow and steady, support each other and learn new world perspectives along with grammar and words


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What We Offer

Join a community of like-minded language learners, and find support, advice, and accountability with us

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Brandon Tim, Indonesia

“I love that everyone is so supportive and respectful. Like I've been in certain communities before and none of them came close to Gladly Global. Like the atmosphere here is super positive and I also feel like I belong, since language learning is my passion and like people here share this passion of mine as well"

Sam, USA

Sena, Turkey

"It's the first and the best polyglot community I've ever joined! (I've tried a few more lately but left after unsupportive, hateful comments) "

We're looking for Sponsors!

Support a group of committed language learners 

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