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About the Community

We're a language learning enthusiast group committed to helping each other stay accountable and motivated to self-study. You can find us on YT, IG, Twitter and most importantly...Discord! 

What makes our community different is that we stand for healthy, consistent progress and make an effort not to promote toxic productivity culture. We're also a bit of a more mature group, that puts a lot of effort into respecting & celebrating everyone's differences. 

Take a Tour! 

The server has improved a lot since this video was made, but if you're completely lost, this can give you an idea of what it's all about~ 

Screenshot 2022-11-14 at 3.42.00 PM.png

The Players 

Global Citizens

It's free to join, hang out and interact in the server! Free events every week, jump in right now~ 

Screenshot 2022-11-14 at 11.21.11 AM.png


Patrons not only support all the server activity, they get special access to a weekly accountability meeting & VIP section of the server

Screenshot 2022-11-14 at 3.54.53 PM.png

Language Leaders

Volunteer for the community by planning study sessions and mini-events, sharing tips, and guiding your friends forward!

Leadership Presentation
Partners / Affilliates 

The server is a perfect place to host a seminar or workshop. Reach out to us to pitch an event.

How it Works... 

Discord is like an online version of a 'community centre' or building-like infrastructure. Each chat or call is like a 'room', where a specific conversation or activity is held. This is how we facilitate a lively online culture, where there's always a space for every kind of interaction we may want to have with our fellow language friends. 

The Best Parts of the Server 

Here are some of our favourite parts of chilling in Discord with you... 

Share updates, questions, concerns & support 

Get help, advice, inspiration and motivation from friendly like-minds at the 'share-house'. 

Attend study-with-me sessions, livestreams & community planned events

Self-study doesn't have to be lonely! Jump in a study room, join a study livestream or a speaking practice event (all freeee) 

Interact in language specific mini-clubs 

Find other people studying the same languages as you, nerd out over your studies and help each others' progress in the clubhouse rooms! (you can select only the languages you study!) 

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