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Pitching the Blog 

Do you love language and/or culture? Are you a writer? Well, we’re inviting you to pitch your stories to the Gladly Global blog! We’re looking for writers interested in covering a wide range of themes related to the idea of “global citizenship” and we’d love to hear your perspectives.

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The Blog 

Our blog is an online publication focusing on helping self-motivated language learners get ahead and informed.  Here are some of the topics we like to share: 

🌏 Personal experiences
🌏 Resource reviews 

🌏 Helpful listicles 

🌏 Culture & thought-provoking essays 

How to Contribute

  • This is a non-paid opportunity to publish your writing with us. 

  • Pitch us an idea, and we will be in contact with you!

  • We host our blog on Medium, so it's advantageous for you to create an account to be credited.  

  • Opportunity to become a regular contributor after your first pitch. 

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  Pitch Us Here 

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