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Interested in GG? ;) 

Check out the different ways you can contribute to the community below!

We're the coolest language community on the web!

Language Leaders

Help your fellow language learners stay engaged and motivated to learn!


Help grow GG! You can help create content and strategy to attract more study buddies to our family. 

Pitch for the Blog 

Have a great idea for the blog? Pitch us! We'd love to publish it. 

Our Mission 

We're a language learning enthusiast group committed to helping each other stay accountable and motivated to self-study. You can find us on YTIGTwitter and most importantly...Discord

What makes our community different is that we stand for healthy, consistent progress and make an effort not to promote toxic productivity culture. We're also a bit of a more mature group, that puts a lot of effort into respecting & celebrating everyone's differences. 

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