Gladly Global is the most introspective and wholistic look at language learning and culture. It's a magazine made for language learners, by language learners. It is interactive, eye-opening, and most of all conscious. A new issue will be published once a quarter (Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall). We offer a wide selection of subscription methods and pricing packages, and a free lite version of the magazine, through our newsletter where we share some articles from the real magazine and some links to featured reviews. 


Our Mission

"deepening the discourse around language and culture." 

In the age of globalisation, travel, language learning and polyglotism are extremely popular. The exchange of culture across borders is becoming increasingly normalised and people are no longer phased by encountering culture outside of its predefined context. Every day, we step closer to a global culture, one where entertainment and innovation are shared. Unfortunately, the narrative surrounding the use of culture and linguistics is still confined to a highly stereotypical space. National monuments, the history of war, using native pick up lines at the local pub- these are the kinds of journalism being produced around the theme of culture and language. Nuanced stories, opinion pieces and cultural grey areas are seldom brought to light.


Gladly Global is creating an online publication for language-lovers and culture enthusiasts alike. 

The Polyglot Magazine - The Language Exchange Issue

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