"White Winter" by Woojoo jjokkomi (SMTown) 
Pages: 7 
File Type: PDF 

Description: Breakdown and worksheet to be printed or written on through a digital platform (for tablet)


It can be so difficult to start studying with native sources. There's no textbook explanation, and it doesn't follow a level curriculum. Regardless, we think it's extremely important to get into the habit of doing so, even from early on in your studies. Being able to understand a language from its fundaments is achieved only through interacting in that language and in its media. We want to make it a little easier for you though, by creating small breakdowns for you to have somewhere to start when studying with a new source. These are not complete guides on everything present in the original source; but a spring board to get you started. 


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This is a language breakdonw of copyrighted SM song "White Winter". No copyright is claimed. However, do not reupload anywhere else

[KR] White Winter Song Breakdown

    Image by AbsolutVision
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