How to Remain Consistent with your Studies

Consistency is a technique that most of us tote as being of benefit to us, yet when it comes to actually keep on top of our studies we simply fail at. Simply put: consistency leads to inconsistency the majority of the time.

We start off well, then end up unable to stick to it. A few days into our new routine, we often find that consistency is more difficult than we expected and that despite our best intentions in mind, we can’t achieve anything due to the mounting pressure. Sound familiar? While it is true that we might not get our desired results without remaining consistent, you needn’t get overwhelmed…

Here are 7 tips on how to be more consistent at being consistent:

1. Create a plan. Set smart, realistic and achievable goals. List everything you need to do as well as the amount of time you want to spend on it. It is of no use to overwhelm yourself with what you cannot do. Set reminders before starting each study session and remember to take breaks. If breaks end up taking longer than expected, just enjoy them! No need to wallow in guilt for what is essentially a necessary time for you to relax and be yourself :)

2. Elucidate through writing all short and long term goals. It is extremely important to understand what you want to achieve and what you actually can achieve with the time you have at hand. Set short term goals in addition to overarching desires so that you are always reminded of the progress you are making along the way and how much work has been or is yet to be undertaken. No one can attain fluency quickly; however, all knowledge garnered along the journey to fluency is equally important and noteworthy.

3. Find a study buddy. With social media and various apps, it’s now easier to find someone else who is also studying your target language. Connecting with someone who shares similar goals helps with sticking to a more defined timeline (and I like to think that it is better when you have another person who understands your struggles and motivates you, too!)

4. Discover the most effective learning style for YOU. How can you expect to mould what your language studies might look like if you don’t know which study method works best for you? Figure out if you’re a visual learner, auditory learner, reading/writing learner or kinesthetic learner.

5. Remember why you started. Learning a language is normally a slow process in which you have to consistently put in a lot of hard work over a long period of time. It’s common to lose focus and start doubting whether it is even worth it, especially if there isn’t any noticeable progress occurring regularly. When this happens, don’t fret! Close your eyes and think back to when you started. Ask yourself: What did I know when I started? What do I know now? What would I like to know? What do I not know? If I stop studying now, am I okay with the fact that I might never know what I am aware I do not know? Am I okay with not knowing what I do not yet know that I do not know? Existential crisis ensues…

6. Cut off any distractions. This may be a rule you keep already, but remember that when you sit down to study, if you keep things close to you that might serve as distractions, you will end up wasting time unless you are highly disciplined. Most of us aren’t, myself included. Instead. Cut off any and all distractions that might prevent you from focusing solely on your studies.

7. Do something else. Rather vague, but a piece of wisdom to share before we part ways until the next post. There will be times that we cannot stick to our schedule. When that’s the case, don’t feel bad! Instead, try to squish study time in that is related to your target language. For example, revise with flashcards, listen to a song or watch a tv show in your target language. This tip is the most fun as it consists of simply finding a way to fit your target language into your daily routine in a manner that suits your hobbies such that you start to enjoy yourself!

So, what now?

Let rip and feel free to treat the comments section as a community journal by connecting with fellow language learners down below.

Let us know which tip was your favourite along with any other thoughts you might have on this topic!

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