Commit to learning,

discover somewhere new through the lens of language.  

Language is far more than memorising words... 

If you have spent any serious time learning a language, I'm sure you've realised it takes a lot more than memorising words and hacking grammar. That you as a person, you grow and gain in ways you could not have imagined. 

With great power, comes great responsibility, and learning languages is equivalent to attaining power. The power of knowledge and compassion we gain has the ability to make the world a better place one day. 

As a language learner, we commit to being more open and to learning about the world around us and the people in it. We interact with thought's most intimate tools: language & expression. We commit to depth and to humanity. 

The polyglot magazine is a great way to be a part of the community and to further educate yourself on the deeper nuances of language and culture. 

For the community, 

by the community! 

The polyglot magazine is written quarterly by our team and guest writers from all over the world. One of the things we are most attentive to is that our writers all are also language-lovers and enthusiasts. This magazine is written by the community, for the community. 

Periodically, we also do polls or interactive Q&A's about international culture on our Instagram (@gladlyglobal_) and we use them to incorporate your voices into our issues. For example, in our second issue, we shared your international music recommendations in a 2-page feature. 

We also aim to support community members, and all contributions are paid. We hope to share as many of the amazing things you all are doing as frequently as possible! 

"Get ready for something new. Supercharge your language journey, while learning more about the world and its cultural framework. "

Inspired by the Polyglot difference

If you're here, you have a thirst for knowledge and special empathy for the world.  


There's something about the polyglot and language learning community that shows a love and interest for humanity different from the usual way. We don't try to find what we already know. We aren't hoping to confirm previous knowledge. We aren't trying to change anyone, and we don't always need to translate it into ways we are comfortable with. No, we want to understand more about others, we want to learn about other sides of us we never had words to express. 


This is the polyglot difference and our passion at Gladly Global.  


Our guiding motto is "deepening the discourse around language and culture". In our magazine, we hope to start conversations that highlight the importance of intercultural understanding, and the level of depth that is necessary for such understanding. Most travel and language content out there stops short at the vocabulary lists and popular landmarks and unfortunately waters down the importance of travellers and language learners. We are not just hotel hoppers and translators. We are an important part of human evolution, and it is vital we remember that (...while having fun travelling, eating and going to must-see spots along the way). 

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Issue 5 - March 27th
The GROWTH issue

Issue 6 - July 17th

A Fresh Perspective 

Issue 7 - September 25th

The Masters Edition

Issue 8 - December 25th

The Joy of Reading (special edition)