Advance your language skills to the next level! Let's not play the guessing game. 


book with us if...

All of our tutors speak several languages and have extensive experience in both teaching and learning languages. All of our tutors are also required to interact and update on their own study journeys on Instagram. This means they're always open to interacting and chatting with you, even outside of class! You know you will meet a passionate tutor who cares about your learning journey because they have committed their lives to language! 

Additionally, taking lessons through gladly global means supporting a small language creator and having a personal human co-operation to achieve your goals! 

✔️ You're eager, determined and excited to interact in your target language! 

✔️You're motivated, but don't know where to start or how to learn a language.


✔️You've been learning a language but haven't been able to see good results. 

✔️ You want to set realistic goals and actually achieve them.

✔️ You've tried online tutors before, and they were stiff or unapproachable.

✔️ You want a teacher whom you can always approach and ask questions.

✔️ You're weary of language classes and may feel discouraged because of your experience in secondary school. 

we offer...

(and constantly expanding!) 

English / Korean / Italian / Portuguese / Spanish / Swedish / Mandarin / Japanese/ Romanian / Catalan / French




Can I combine the services?

Absolutely! Language classes can be taken at any frequency, and therefore can be combined with language coaching or the training course. Those who would like to make a personal track are eligible for a 5-15% discount. 


What currency are the rates in?

All rates are listed in US dollars. Cards may be in any currency. Check out is also available through PayPal, Stripe or Invoice. Please inquire if you need accommodation for an international payment method (that can't be processed through our system).   


I don't see my target language. What should I do? 

We're constantly updating our available languages and can also find you a suitable tutor backed by our team if requested. Please contact us through the contact form or on Instagram if you don't see your TL. 


Is there a free trial? 

No, but we offer a one-time $5 trial lesson for premium and premium+ tutoring classes.


Our services come with....

Downloadable recordings of sessions

Detailed suggestions, advice and personalised textbook/resource recommendations

Access to someone who knows both how to teach and how to learn!

Progress Trackers, Printables and Schedules!

PDF breakdown of strengths and weaknesses

Full support through direct message!

1. Choose your course (Premium, Premium Plus or Coaching) and buy however many classes you'd like. 

2. You will be redirected to a form about your learning style, background and language goals. Please fill it out in as much detail as possible, so we can match you with a good tutor, and be as prepared as possible for your lessons. 


3. After submitting the form, we will contact you via email with instructions on how to schedule your first few lessons with your teacher(s). Please expect this email within 2 business days. 


4. If you have any concerns or questions during that time (or any time after!) please inquire with us through the contact form on this site, or on Twitter/Instagram (@gladlyglobal_ ) 

5. Lessons will be held via Skype, LINE, Kakao or Hangouts. Group lessons are always conducted through hangouts. 


Book a Trial Lesson! 

Try a 30-minute lesson with one of our teachers for only $5! (one trial per teacher) 

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