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Language Consultation

What is a Language Consultant?

Theoretically, language coaching encompasses the teaching and training of foreign languages but incorporates principles, models and competences from the field of life coaching. In other words, they are people who not only teach you the language, but help you to learn the habits, methods and principles to learn languages on you own. Thus, the whole process behind life coaching, such as goal setting, action and strategy setting, reviewing goals and really getting coachees to focus on personal development and accomplish feats step by step is then transported into the language learning process.

What Languages Do You Offer?

We can find trained teachers and native speakers for any language. However, we currently specialise in: -Swedish -Italian -Japanese -Korean -Spanish -German -French -Dutch -English


How do I subscribe to the magazine?

We offer subscriptions through Patreon. By contributing $2.50 or more each month, you qualify for access to all past issues and all future issues to come. As an added benefit, you get a discount code for all items in the shop, and other free downloads or goodies delivered through Patreon.

How do I purchase a single issue?

You can purchase a single issue here on the site in our shop. You have the option of downloading the digital-magazine in individual pages or spreads. We also offer physical copies. Shipping fees may vary.


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